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Talent Concept

Hubei Yixing Smart Equipment Joint Stock Co.Ltd

  Know how to use,Do their best,Actively dedicatedThe pursuit of excellence

  The university is famous because of its masters, and the companies are strong because of its people. The key to strong people lies in recognizing people's talents,and knowing how to reuse talents.If the enterprise wants to develop for a long time, it must reuse talents and avoid the loss of talents. In this way, the enterprise can realize the value of the enterprise itself as well as the value of the talent itself. If a country wants to maintain its prosperity, it should reuse its talents. It must not be nepotism, and it must maintain an unobstructed talent-raising mechanism so that capable people can realize their ambitions to run the country.

  At present, we have an excellent team of highly educated and highly qualified personnel who graduated from Tsinghua University. As a team of independent research and development, production and sales of domestic CNC machine tools, the team witnessed the rapid and rapid development of Yixing, accumulated rich experience in R&D, production and operation, and formed a scientific management system. The team members are young and full of vigor. They have a sense of innovation and are brave enough to meet the challenges and have a good sense of social responsibility. As the team's true core competitiveness, we need to constantly improve. When recruiting new employees, we are not simply replenishing our staff but we are recruiting strategic reserve talents with unlimited potential to cope with future uncertainties. When employing people, it is better to understand ”to make good use of people and to use their talents.“