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Technology direction
  Respond to the ”China Made 2025“ national strategy and using the opportunity of the country's development of ”high-end equipment manufacturing industry“, Relying on the advanced advantages of Hubei automobile production and machinery and equipment manufacturing, The high-end CNC machine (CNC lathes and CNC machining centers), machine tool functional components (such as spindles), and machine peripheral auxiliary equipment (feeders) will be the focus and direction for future development, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in the construction of smart equipment and digital factories.
  According to the trend of Intelligent development of CNC machine tools and the manufacturing of machine tools and metal products are discrete manufacturing features, Actively carry out research on the intelligentization of CNC machine tools and the construction of digital workshops to improve the intelligentization of machine tool products and the digital management of production processes. Strengthen the company's competitiveness in a rapidly changing market, and gradually transform Yixing into a high-tech enterprise featuring ”digital production process and intelligent machine tool products.“