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Quality policy
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  Quality is the root of the survival and development of enterprises. To improve product quality, full participation must be taken。Each employee has the obligation and responsibility to do a good job of product quality, and firmly establish a sense of quality, strict control and implementation of a good product operation process. The leader and each employee are required to devote themselves wholeheartedly to product quality control. Adhering to quality is a habit, quality is in line with requirements, and quality goals are instilled in the minds of every employee. Yixing Smart focuses on all aspects of the entire process of product quality (such as design process, procurement process, production process, delivery process, installation process, etc.) from the aspects of incoming material inspection, parts production process, finished product inspection, and after-sales service, etc. The five factors that affect the quality of products, including people, machines, materials, methods, and rings, are controlled, and the results of quality activities are verified in stages. Through strict quality control, high-tech testing tools are used, and quality management procedures are strictly implemented. Strictly control the product qualification rate and excellent manufacturing environment to ensure the overall quality of the product.