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Service system
  The company always adhering to the corporate mission of ”rejuvenating the national intelligent equipment industry and manufacturing world-class precision machine tools“, carrying forward the ”sincere and consistent“ spirit of enterprise, responding to customer needs for the first time, and wholeheartedly addressing any quality of the machine tool during operation. problem. According to the different stages, the services we provide are also different.
Hubei Yixing Smart Equipment Joint Stock Co.Ltd  Consultation service
  We provide technical consulting services such as product introduction and troubleshooting for customers before sales to help customers quickly understand product performance and application requirements. To combined with the actual business processing of customers, we provide targeted product solutions and technologies. Support and help customers choose the best unit.
  Training Services
  After the signing of the contract, Yixing Company can provide 3 persons 3 days free training to customers in the Yixing factory.
  After the completion of the commissioning and acceptance of the machine tool at the customer site, the Yixing company personnel can provide the customer with a three-day training at the customer's site.
  Online service
  24 hours Customer service hotline,7x24 hours Online service support and technical guidance.
  Installation and commissioning services
  After the machine arriving at the customer site and the customer completes the positioning of the machine tool, it informs Yixing Company in writing to the customer about the fine tuning level, commissioning and accuracy inspection of the machine tool.
  After sales service
  Upon receipt of the client's notice, Yixing Company shall reply within 4 hours of working hours and reply within 24 hours at other times.
  Maintenance service
  After the warranty period, we still provide online services and technical guidance free of charge, on-site services such as regular/non-periodic visits. And to provide customers with timely supply of spare parts at preferential prices, regular / irregular customer satisfaction survey.